Young man created a restaurant for stray dogs that is open 24 hours a day

The best street restaurant for dogs that has ever been seen ūüėĀ

There are people who have a great ability to have good ideas and create really fantastic things. Best of all, many of these people, when they make an idea come true, dedicate themselves to creating it only with the sole objective of helping others, whether they are other people or other living beings.

For example, our protagonist today is an example to follow and it is that he had the great initiative. We are talking about Jo√£o de Souza Araujo, a 29-year-old young man who had a great love for dogs since he was a child. He was always willing to leave a little food and water to feed them, and as an adult this seemed insufficient to him, so he decided to do something else.

This young man’s goal was to help stray animals and with this thought in mind, he came up with a totally wonderful idea.

This is how he created “Zero Hunger” an exclusive restaurant for stray dogs in which they can be fed if they live in the area where it is installed or are passing through. His restaurant has a fairly easy design that allows food and water to be clean and safe in any weather change. In fact, it has a roof that serves to protect food and water from the sun. It also has lighting at night and an exclusive system for supplying water

Zero Hunger is this young man’s restaurant, a restaurant with wonderful intentions that has surprised many people.

Jo√£o de Souza Araujo one day realized that he was taking charge of feeding all the stray dogs that were in the area where he lives. He never imagined that leaving pans of food in front of his house would become this wonderful initiative, but fortunately he had this idea and now the puppies can enjoy a much more comfortable and organized place.

Street dog food restaurant that will be open 24 hours a day

This restaurant is equipped with a lighting system made by our protagonist. For this he used a battery and a motorcycle headlight. The food dispenser is refilled day by day and the amount of food is equivalent to five large bowls of dog food.

On the other hand, the drinker has a capacity of 20 liters of water and has a system so that it does not lack. Perhaps most surprising is that Jo√£o de Souza Araujo does not have any kind of help for the food that he offers these puppies. He uses a large part of his salary and also the help of his mother so that the stray dogs do not lack for anything.

This great young man still does not know the exact amount he will need to feed all the puppies that visit his restaurant, but he is certainly clear that none of them will run out of food or water since they will always have both available.

Of course, the idea that this young man had is really wonderful, we hope that more people will notice his idea and copy it. This way there will be many more stray animals that can opt for food and water every day of the year.

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