Yogi – The Special Dog Because Of His Human Face

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed a Shih Tzu with a Poodle? You end up with a dog that has a face that resembles that of a human!

You did not hear wrong. It’s true and it happens to Yogis. It was a dog with human-like expressions, sharp eyes, and a mouth different from his species. His ears resemble two buns of little girls’ hair. Although there is no outstanding talent or achievement, just because of his special appearance, Yogi is a famous star on social networks. He looks like a man and his gaze is sweet. Sometimes he lowered his eyes like an apologetic child. How lovely it is!

Yogi knows how to make the people around him feel like a real person. His eyes seemed to speak. The leash? Oh no, I need freedom. Yogi behaves like a gentleman. He never ran down the street with other dogs or street friends. He knows his looks are special, which makes him always keep a good image wherever he is.

Yogi’s owner is really surprised about him. He looked like a normal dog as a child and didn’t have any resemblance to a human. However, the owner has noticed the human facial features appearing in Yogi more and more clearly. And until now, everyone must be surprised, amazed, and confused by the dog’s special appearance.

There have been quite a few people claiming that the owner edited Yogi’s photos, making him artificially human. However, the facts proved that to be false. Yogi still lives well in a caring family where he is loved, cared for, and cherished despite his unusual appearance.

Yogi What a gorgeous face like a human, your one of a kind, your one in a million. A very special dog. Just love you.😇 💗

If you owned a dog with a human-like face like Yogi, how would you feel? Will you always love it? Please tell us.

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