Woman cried and hugged her puppy tightly after 6 weeks lost

It was a really emotional meeting for both 🤗

When a dog is lost and does not return home, both the dog’s family and the animal suffer. Because neither of them wants to go through this unpleasant situation. That is why the two will experience times of agony as long as they do not get together again. Pet owners understand how difficult it is to deal with this situation. Therefore, they will do everything in their power to meet their four-legged friends again. As happened with Miles, an older dog who mistakenly escaped from his house, but after 6 weeks of being lost, the hope of finding him was less and less.

Everything became more tragic as this puppy was an animal with quite limited vision. This occurred in Fulton County, Georgia, in the United States. Where kind people found the dog and took it to a LifeLine Animal Project shelter to return to his family. “Her owner broke down in tears when they told her Miles had been found and he was at her shelter 30 minutes away from her,” said Lauren Ruiz, public relations officer for the LifeLine Animal Project. The puppy was very dirty, but in good condition. For which reason his family is still questioning how he managed to survive a month and a half on his account on the street.

The great relationship he has with his family was noted when his mother came out to hug him as soon as she saw him. “She was elated and excited when she met Miles. Although scared and shocked by their separation. Miles visibly relaxed and felt instantly at ease once he realized he was back in the arms of his family,” Lauren said. The puppy was able to return home thanks to the microchip in his body. Which shows how important it is for dogs to have one.

Below you can see the video of the reunion of this woman with her puppy that was lost for 6 weeks:

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