They record some girls caressing a stray dog and they become friends

These girls became very friendly with this cute little stray dog ­čĄŚ

There are many stray dogs, and animals in general, around the world, who unfortunately abandon them to their fate. And they do not receive any kind of care, much less love. But, two girls made sure that this was not the case with a new puppy they met.

An adorable video shared by the Instagram social network account @streetdogsofbombay touched all internet users and made them sigh with love. In the video you can see how two girls meet a puppy that lives on the street and they don’t have any kind of disgust to hug it. Like many other adults, they would refuse to do so.

The video shows a little girl who was sitting on the floor of the Bombay train station, in India, when a puppy appears to only ask her for love. The dog, without hesitation, lies down next to the little girl, and she begins to caress him with all the energy she has.

A few seconds later a second little girl appears. Who runs to pounce on the stray dog, filling it with kisses all over her face and neck, excited to be able to give love to the poor abandoned animal. The video caused the shock of Internet users, not only because of the tenderness of the scene. But because of the pure heart of the two little girls. Who without much thought decided to shelter a little puppy that needed them. “Two generous angels”. “I love watching video of children like this, because it makes me believe a little more in humanity.” “This filled me with joy.” “This is so pure, so unconditional.” “They are adorable”, are some of the hundreds of comments left by users of the Instagram social network for the adorable video.

The video already accumulates more than 10,000 likes, demonstrating that once again, children and animals are the purest beings on planet earth.

Below you can see the video where you can see these two adorable girls caressing a stray dog without any scruples:

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