The dog’s life is threatened when it becomes the target of cruel people

She just wanted to make friends but this is the result she got

I encountered a stray dog named Amora in a dire situation. Due to her gentle nature, she became the target of heartless individuals who decided to shoot at her. Uncertain of her fate, she timidly wagged her tail.

Instead of meeting kind people as planned, she faced a horrific ordeal. She suffered multiple jaw fractures and a severe neck wound. Bullet fragments were found in her mouth and beneath her skin. The fact that nobody offered assistance even after a life-threatening bone was discovered in her stomach fills me with absolute rage.

On the second day, they stumbled upon a wounded dog calling out for assistance from a muddy ditch. Surgery on Amora’s wound took more than three hours. On the third day, she underwent a second procedure to fix her broken bones. She had jaw strengthening and esophageal surgery. Despite using a variety of medicines, she was still in a lot of pain.

She was advised by the doctor to start working out so that her blood circulation would improve. Both oral cavity discomfort and a severe purulent pain condition plagued us. Drugs are still often injected directly into veins at this time. To cheer her up, we keep praising her and joining in on her amusement. She didn’t, however, seem to be having any fun at all.

The building was destroyed after 30 days since it was no longer useful. Moving was straightforward because the jaw was still fixed.According to the doctor, he should be able to eat again in about a month.

She was able to feed herself two months later. In addition, the treatment for the esophageal tumor was excellent. An added bonus was that they were able to discharge us the following day.

All of the trials and problems were solved. We should be grateful for the doctors’ dedication. Her transformation stunned the whole staff at the veterinary facility.

Amora was suffering and in danger of passing away. She has now found a lot of love and happiness, and she still believes in other people.

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