Sweet Child Stops To Hug Abandoned Dogs When He Thinks No One Is Watching

A lot of us don’t see some of the kindness in the world as some of these acts of kindness are done when no one is watching. However, what would the world look like if we were able to capture every act of kindness that anyone ever did?

The world would definitely be a bit brighter I think, but for now, we can just share as much kindness as possible on the internet which is exactly what happened when this boy was caught on camera doing a random act of kindness. Sometimes when we think no one is watching when we do the best things.

We can all learn from people like this little boy who don’t care if anyone is watching, but does things like this anyway out of the kindness of their heart. We hope that this post gives you a bit of brightness in your day because we know that it made us smile and that’s all we could’ve asked for.

So if you’re having a bad day and need a pick me up, just keep on reading into this awesome story. Let’s dive in and take a look at the viral post that showed it all.

This candid moment is too adorable and we’re happy that somebody caught it on camera.

This is Ibrahim, a boy from the city of Grozny, Chechnya and he is the infamous boy that we are referring to. As you can see, he is clearly hugging these stray dogs who were laying out in the sun that he passed by on the way to school.

This is the kind of nice things that we need to see everyday in this world.

The boy could have continued his way to school without stopping by the stray dogs at all, but something compelled him to take the time to stop. That’s when he decided to give them a bit of love by hugging them and cuddling them.

He must have thought nobody was watching, but someone who lived in a nearby building actually caught the candid moment on camera. They then shared the video on the internet where people praised his random act of kindness.

Katerina, who is a friend of Ibrahims’ family said this about the video, “I saw the video. That’s Ibrahim.” She also claimed that this was a perfect representation of Ibrahim’s kind-hearted spirit.

If you need something to help brighten up your day then here’s the video.

This video shows the random act of kindness that Ibrahim did at the moment. It’s something that people found so admirable and that’s why he’s become well known for this amazing kind thing as it’s being shared across the internet.

These random acts of kindness are what keep up afloat and make us have faith in each other to do what’s right in our hearts. Kids like Ibrahim need to be praised for their selfless acts and kind-heartedness.

Be sure to share with us any of your random acts of kindness that you’ve caught on camera so we can celebrate them.

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