Senior dog in shelter puts paw on woman and let’s her know it’s time

Sad to see senior dogs left alone and locked up in city shelters. Pets that were older or sickly would frequently be passed over in favor of the younger animals. Thankfully, there are still people out there who decide to adopt these animals, knowing full well that they deserve to live out their lives in a loving environment.

This elderly and sick dog had spent many years in a shelter in Los Angeles, where he had a miserable existence. Because he was only skin and bones and had bald patches on his back and other parts of his body, no one was interested in him. Everyone believed that he would spend the rest of his life alone in the shelter’s cage. Nobody anticipated how his life would change after one fateful day, though.

Emma, a rescuer from the Northwest Dog Project, entered the shelter one day. Although the shelter was overflowing, she noticed one senior dog among the chaos. She claimed that when she first saw the dog, her heart stopped, but it was also at that moment that she realized she had to rescue the dog from its torment.

Emma informed the Dodo, “He was a total mess.” But something about his eyes stood out. After processing the adoption paperwork, Emma went ahead and brought the dog home. It went more smoothly than she anticipated transporting the puppy home.

The elderly dog was adorable in every way. He enjoyed being petted on the head and would wave his hairless tail at Emma in response to her attention. When they got home, Emma’s main priority was to get the old dog in shape, but his lack of appetite was the only thing stopping her. Emma continued with her goal anyhow and used a syringe to feed the dog.

Emma was taking care of the dog when she ran into a bigger issue. The dog suddenly became swollen, necessitating an emergency trip to the hospital. The doctor broke the devastating news that the dog had end-stage heart failure and instructed them to prepare their farewells in advance.

The dog’s odds of surviving the procedure were quite limited, so it was surprising when Emma returned the following morning and was greeted by the cheerful dog. The moment the dog placed his paw on her legs and kissed her, she sobbed in happiness. It was very astonishing that the dog was still alive.

A few weeks following the procedure, the dog’s fur began to grow back. He had also gotten back in shape because he could stroll outside for hours with Emma. He outlasted predictions that he would live for less than three weeks. The dog is doing well and enjoying life with Emma seven months later.

The elderly dog undoubtedly beat the odds and survived long enough to have a good life in a wonderful environment thanks to Emma’s unrelenting affection for him. We are grateful to Emma and the Northwest Dog Project for restoring this gorgeous dog’s lost hope.

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