Pregnant mother dog sheltering in an abandoned warehouse was rescued in time

The Bro Long Stray Dogs Shelter was recently contacted by an aunt who expressed concern for her neighbor’s dog. The neighbor reportedly wanted to sell the dog to a kennel, which the aunt felt was extremely cruel. Upon receiving this information, the shelter quickly made their way to the location. Upon arrival, they discovered that the dog seemed to be aware of its impending fate and had been frantically digging a hole with its claws. The shelter staff spoke with the owner to gather more details about the dog, and learned that she is both elderly and pregnant.

The kiddos bought the pup, but their busy schedules leave them unable to tend to the dog’s needs. As a result, they’ve decided to part ways with their furry friend and put him up for sale. Finally, after much time spent with the dog’s owner, the rescuers were able to successfully retrieve the canine.

The rescued pup appeared to be aware that someone had saved her, and she happily scampered towards her saviors, wagging her tail with glee.

As our furry friend came back home on the very first day, we need to keep him away from other dogs for now. To ensure his health and well-being, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough examination for the presence of the canine distemper virus. Our wish is for her to have a smooth delivery of her puppies.

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