Homeless dog with teary eyes begs for help raising her puppies

As the temperature drops, stray dogs are facing even more challenges. This is especially true for dog moms who have to take care of their stray puppies on top of their own struggles.

A few days ago, a person came across a stray dog as they were heading home. Initially, the person hesitated to approach the dog due to its unkempt appearance. However, something caught their eye – the dog was staring right back at them. Upon closer inspection, the dog looked miserable and in need of help. Feeling guilty, the person quickly left the scene but not before leaving a few steamed buns in a bag nearby for the dog, whom they named Gouzi. It seemed like fortune had smiled upon Gouzi that day.

I had planned to share my steamed bun with the dog, but it suddenly retreated. I found it amusing that the dog did not look at me pitifully anymore, but I also felt hesitant about giving it the food. I decided to place the bun on the ground and leave, but was surprised that the dog did not come closer to eat it. This made me wonder why the dog acted this way, as usually, dogs would be excited to receive food.

The online community quickly lost interest in Gouzi and decided to move on, but to their surprise, Gouzi suddenly barked at one of the netizens before grabbing his buns and trotting away. What’s more peculiar is that Gouzi didn’t leave immediately. After running off, he paused and glanced back at the netizen. It’s safe to say that most people would recognize this behavior as unusual and question the dog’s motives. Despite this, the netizens decided to follow Gouzi and observe his actions closely.

Gouzi, a netizen, was led by a friend to an area where there were weed patches. As they approached, they noticed two adorable milk dogs playing with their mother. The two little ones then went under the mother dog’s belly to suckle. While observing this, Gouzi noticed the sad and hopeless look in the dog mother’s eyes. It was evident that she was struggling to take care of her two little ones alone.

Gouzi could not bear to see the dog mother struggle and hoped that someone would adopt the two puppies. She decided to be that person and offer them a loving home. The dog mother silently observed as Gouzi scooped up the two little ones and walked away. She stared at their departing figures with a look of longing.

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