Dog too sick to sit is given a final ride around town, makes a miraculous recovery

Thank you God for the Love ❤️ you gave this beautiful baby.

Maverick was skin and bones when Joey Maxwell and his wife first encountered him at a [de.ath] shelter. And now they had a joyful six years together.

When the dog was given a [lymphoma di.agnosis] a few years ago, Maxwell did everything in his power to aid his four-legged companion in [fig.hting the]. The first round of [che.motherapy] was a success. But two months ago, the [si.ckn.ess] came again, leaving him unable to move.

So Maxwell the decision to ride the dog in a wagon. He told CBS News that when they take the dog out: Maverick howls at everyone that walks by until they pet him because he thinks the whole world is there to love on him.

Maverick adores those rides to the hilt. Perhaps as a result, the dog is gaining strength every day. He is sensing the positive energy; he can now sit up by himself and is gaining strength every day.

So glad that this beautiful furbaby is better!! ❤️ Hooray for the speedy recovery 🙏 prayers it continues. He’s such a beautiful fur baby 👶 😍 💕 💙

Hope you all have always filled with as much love and positivity as Maverick!

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urce by: Everybody Loves Maverick (Fb)

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