Dog rejected for more than a year jumps with happiness to learn that she will be adopted

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A dog that had been rejected for a year finally found a loving home and jumped with joy when she found out she was going to be adopted. The animal rescue organization that had been taking care of her shared the video of the moment the dog, named Liza, found out the good news.

In the video, Liza can be seen sitting in a cage, looking despondent and sad. However, when a staff member from the rescue organization approaches her and tells her that she has been adopted, the dog begins to jump for joy and wag her tail with excitement.

The dog had been living at the rescue organization for a year after being rescued from the streets. Despite the fact that she was a very affectionate and sweet dog, no one had wanted to adopt her due to a chronic skin disease that she had. But eventually, a family of hers fell in love with her and decided to give her a permanent home.

The rescue organization shared the adoption video on their social media, where she has received a lot of positive and loving comments. Many people have praised the work of the rescue organization and expressed their joy for Liza and her new family.

This video demonstrates the importance of the work of animal rescue organizations and the need to adopt pets that need a loving home. Even animals that have medical conditions or behavioral problems can be lovable and loving companions for life if given the chance. The happiness and love that Liza shows in the video shows how grateful animals can be when given a second chance.

Watch the video here

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