Deaf Dog Finally Found A Forever Home After 11 Years Roaming On The Street

So glad the deaf dog is saved my heart is happy❤️🥰🐕

While the average lifespan of a dog is between 10 and 13 years, this unfortunate dog named Solo has spent nearly a decade on the streets of Los Angeles without a home.

He was malnourished, deaf, and elderly, too weak and exhausted to even walk. Solo eventually collapsed on a woman’s porch, and she gave him the name Solovino, which is Spanish for “he came alone.”

After contacting Rocket Dog Rescue for assistance, Solo was transported to San Francisco and placed in a foster home. However, the foster family saw Solo as a burden due to his age and deafness, so they adopted and subsequently abandoned him more than once.

One day, Carol Messina came across a photo of Solo online and knew she had to rescue him. She understands the trauma and sadness that Solo has been through, and she wants to provide him with the love and care he deserves.

Upon meeting Solo, Messina quickly realized that he was deaf. This made him uncomfortable whenever anyone approached him, as he couldn’t hear them coming. Additionally, Solo was experiencing tooth pain, which was causing him distress.

Fortunately, Messina was able to arrange for Solo to undergo surgery to address his dental issues. She also provided him with love and affection, and over time, Solo began to trust her. He became happier and even appeared to be younger!

Love is a powerful emotion, and Messina’s kindness and care have made all the difference in Solo’s life. He now knows that he deserves to be loved and cared for, and he has found a safe and loving home. 🏡

We are thankful to Messina for her compassion and for giving Solo a new lease on life. May he continue to thrive in his forever home! ❤️

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