An elderly puppy filled the hearts of thousands on the networks with hope

He gave great hope to many people for this great reason šŸ§

Dogs tend to age faster than humans, and as a consequence, their strength declines. However, something that does not change are their feelings for their masters. This is the case of an elderly puppy, who together with his humble owner have developed a special bond. To the point that today she carries him on her shoulders so that he can accompany her.

Through a video, the story of Canito, an elderly puppy who is 12 years old, was revealed. And together with his human friend Yeliz, he enjoys day after day harvesting corn. Her charming owner says that since this dog was a baby, she has not left her alone and has always been her protector. However, because he has grown older, he has trouble walking as he is more easily exhausted.

The path that Yeliz walks to get to the place where she harvests the corn is quite stony, and far from her home. This means that it is not easy for Canito to walk there. For that reason, his beloved owner wraps him in a blanket, making a kind of support, and mounts him on her shoulders. Although it is not easy for her due to her weight, she does it with a lot of love and they both end their day happy.

The video of the old dog so moved the visitors of social networks that it had a total of more than 85,000 views. So this act of love performed by this woman has not gone unnoticed by people. They expressed that her hearts were full of hope as a result of such a kind act.

As we can see, this woman does everything possible to be with her old dog, to the point of carrying him for a long journey. This is a sample of the great example that we must all copy, by doing everything possible to help our pets in all circumstances that we can. And even more, when they get old.

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A video that has captivated the hearts of many on the networks

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