After 2,381 days of rejection, a sad shelter dog is confined to a lonely corner

Higgins was not happy in his new place and no one was looking for him.

Higgins, a loving German Shepherd, was adopted when he was a pup. The shelter rescued Higgins just days after he was adopted. Higgins is still at the shelter even though almost six and a quarter years have passed since then. Volunteers with Ohio’s Humane Society of Preble County say poor Higgins spent 2,381 days at the shelter after being turned away multiple times.

He is now melancholy and his playful nature has turned to melancholy. Higgins’ chances of finding a place to call home have greatly diminished as he’s gotten older.

Shelter has asked people to help this lovely sweet boy and save him from the pain of a meaningless life. Let’s help Higgins find his forever home.

Update: We are happy to announce that Brendon Reed, a man from Texas, has adopted Higgins. They fell in love instantly. We are very pleased that Higgins has had the opportunity to prove himself. Tears of joy come to our eyes at this news!

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