A poor dog, found with her insides hanging out, is rescued.

The resilience and tenacity of dogs is astounding. In Gurgaon, India, Hope was discovered as a young puppy with her internal organs hanging out. Deepika Srivastavva intervened to save her.

She was simply writhing in pain as she cried out helplessly. She had just been alive for around 20 days when she was discovered. She was likely taken from her mother and placed in a location with other stray dogs, according to our best guess.

The dogs attacked her because they were being territorial, and they left her to die. She was luckily located and taken to the hospital, where she had surgery to have her stomach inserted again.

Currently around four to five months old, Hope is doing fantastic. Because of how much promise she possesses and how grateful we are that she ever lived, her name, Hope, is incredibly appropriate for her.

Because of her history, no one in India wanted to adopt her, so someone phoned Stray Dog to see if we could help. We weren’t involved in her initial rescue. Her lack of survival skills makes returning to the streets impossible.

Until we can place her in another home, we will be providing support for this young girl. She appears to be physically healthy, but because of everything she has been through, we had to put off her spay surgery.

She is extremely intelligent, loving, and crate and leash trained, say her rescuer and foster.

Share our story as much as you can so that we can assist canines like little Hope.

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