90-year-old man fell in love with a dog at the shelter and adopted her

This can be declared love at first sight 😍

It seems that there will never be enough age to develop a beautiful friendship with a pet. There are people who do not have the good luck of having a four-legged friend in their life for a long time, due to different circumstances. But when they finally get the chance to have them, they don’t waste it.

While there are others who, despite always living surrounded by pets, would not miss the opportunity to have a new four-legged friend. Because they are very passionate about animals.

This is the case of Joao Reinato, an adult over 90 years of age from Dois Carregos, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Who on a recent trip fell in love with a charming dog and did not hesitate at any time to adopt her. This older gentleman lives on a farm in this town and already had the company of Pipoca, his puppy.

However, he thought it was a great idea to add a new four-legged member to his family. And so his other puppy would have a new friend and of course much more company. It all happened during a visit to an animal shelter, which he attended with his son.

“He loves dogs. The meeting with Mila was love at first sight. While he repeated “Mila, Mila, Mila,” she looked at him with great affection,” said the man’s son, Joao Aparecido Dos Santos Reinato. This also meant a radical change in the dog’s life.

She which she had been waiting for about 4 years to find a permanent home. “Suddenly he saw Mila and then everything changed. It seemed that all her life they had been waiting for that precise moment. The end of the story? It’s easy, they will surely be friends forever, “he recounted.

The older man has some hearing problems, due to his advanced age. But that doesn’t stop her from giving a lot of love to his beloved pets. «Although Pipoca has already eaten his headphones, he does not let anyone mess with the dogs. He has a passion for animals », said the son of the older man.

He shares with his friends and family this story of adoption and love at first sight. So that more people take the example of visiting shelters and adopting puppies that are looking for a home that will take care of them forever.

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