Woman takes care of 26 dogs every day that were abandoned because they were old

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The problems surrounding the abandonment of domestic animals grow every day and especially if these animals are already beginning to reach a certain age. In fact, it is very common for dogs to be victims of abandonment when they reach a stage of old age. But the problem is not only that they abandon them, but that when they arrive at an animal shelter, they are rarely adopted because no one wants to have animals that are “elderly.”

Fortunately, there are people who have a big heart and who do everything possible so that these little ones have a place to live, as well as food and water to cover their basic needs. For example, in Gaithersburg (Maryland, United States) there is a woman who fights to protect old animals. In fact, she and her great idea have meant that twenty-six elderly dogs have not had to suffer the consequences of abandonment. Don’t you think it’s fantastic?

Sher Polvinale, our protagonist, takes care of about 26 dogs that are already of a certain age and people consider them “old people.” This woman has created a home specifically for dogs that have been abandoned for different reasons, including because their owners have died and have no one or because of their old age. The home she has created is called “House With a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary” and as you can see her name indicates her goal.

Obviously Sher does not do all the work but there are some women who have also become volunteers and all of them come every day at 11 in the morning to take care of all the needs and problems that their canine protections may have.
Perhaps the saddest thing about this great work of love and charity that Sher has created is that many of them will live in this home until the end of their lives, but she is aware of this and both her volunteers and Sher are in charge of May the entire journey, and also the end, of these puppies be full of affection, love and all the veterinary care they need.

The vast majority of the dogs in this home were victims of abandonment due to their age. What’s more, many of these animals have some health problems, there are many that cannot walk, others that have heart problems and even others that have respiratory problems. With so many dogs that are advanced in age (they are already elderly) and the illnesses they have, both Sher and her volunteers face the veterinary expenses thanks to different people who are collaborators and donate money to maintain the shelter.

The conditions of this home are unbeatable because not only do they treat them wonderfully and have all the necessary attention, but they also have a garden and a patio so that all the dogs can enjoy the outdoors, can walk and even the most daring elderly dogs they can run.

When the end comes to one of the pets in this home, their photograph is hung on a wall so that everyone remembers it and even on the staircase where it is placed is called the “stairway to heaven.” In this place we work from 6 in the morning until the end of the day arrives, at bedtime. The truth is that the time and dedication that Sher and her volunteers put in is truly magnificent and admirable.

If you want to know a little more about this home and the functions performed by these wonderful people, we leave you a documentary that explains everything in detail.

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