2 Girls Cried For A Dog In Kill Shelter & Don’t Know Mom Has Adopted The Same Dog

Two girls instantly fell in love with a dog named Rosie when they saw her online.

When two young girls came across a dog named Rosie online, they immediately fell in love with her. Unfortunately, Rosie was in a kill shelter in Georgia, far from where the girls lived, making it impossible for them to adopt her.

Despite this, the girls checked on Rosie’s adoption status every day, hoping for a chance to save her. One day, they discovered that Rosie was going to be put down if she didn’t find a home soon, leaving the girls heartbroken and unsure of how to help.

Unbeknownst to them, their parents were aware of their distress and decided to approach the shelter about adopting Rosie and transporting her to their city as a surprise for the girls.

In the video below, we see the girls’ mother surprising them on the street with Rosie in her arms. The girls are overwhelmed with emotion as they realize what their parents have done, and they hug Rosie tightly as she reciprocates their love with cuddles. The trio formed by Rosie and the girls is now inseparable, making for a truly heartwarming rescue story.

Click the video below to watch this AMAZING touching story!

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