Tiny police dog who loves to nap snoozes through his entire swearing-In ceremony

A video from Bristol Police Department quickly went viral after this police comfort dog was caught snoozing on a desk during swear-in. Brody, an adorable chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy, has just joined the police department in Bristol, Rhode Island, as their newest K-9 comfort dog.

He will help victims of crime deal with anxiety, stress, and PTSD, as well as visit schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other places in the community to brighten people’s days. Recently, the department held a swearing-in ceremony for Brody to make it official, which was broadcasted live on their Facebook page. It quickly went viral after Brody was seen snoozing on a desk as two officers continued the ceremony.

Brody is Bristol’s first-ever comfort and therapy dog, and was donated to the department as a gift from Boonefield Labradors. He has already been doing a great job and making his way around town. Even during the covid-19 pandemic, Brody has still found a way to put a smile on people’s faces.

He has recently visited residents at Saint Elizabeth Manor, a local nursing home, where they got to see him through their windows. After his long days of making people’s days better, he can be found taking a snooze back at the office. It’s clear that Brody loves to sleep!

He now has a Instagram, so that everyone can follow him along on his therapy visits and naps! Click here to follow him, and here for his Facebook.

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