This Cat was raised as a husky and now considers herself a big and brave dog!

This quartet is so adorable that no one can stand it!

Rescued and raised as a husky, this cat now sees herself as a big and brave dog. Despite the typical rivalry between dogs and cats, this cat plays with three Husky dogs and has grown to identify as one of them.

Kozy was once a pitiful and defenseless kitten, abandoned and left to fend for herself. Luckily, she was rescued and taken in by the owner of three Huskies who adored and cared for her like a younger sister.

Now, Kozy spends her days following her big brothers and playing with them, considering herself to be just as big and bold as they are. The owners are both amused and moved by this unique bond between cat and dogs. It’s simply too adorable to not be shared!

Kozy enjoys playing the bossy role and thinks of herself as bigger than she actually is. Her big brothers have become an integral part of her life, instilling confidence in her and helping her overcome the sadness of being abandoned.

After seeing Kozy’s powerful brothers, no one would dare to bully her.

Kozy’s solemn expression often amazes people, as she seems to truly believe she is a Husky.

This family is simply adorable, with a cute kitty and three big protectors by her side!

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