The dog was tortured and abandoned by the owner and had to eat rocks to survive

This is the story of a dog that was abandoned by its owner for several days; so this little animal was forced to eat stones to survive from hunger.

This little doberman named Lou lives in Ohio, he was tortured and abandoned by his owner David; a 36-year-old man who on several occasions called his dog “Lucifer” in a derogatory way.

Due to the constant abuses witnessed by the neighbors who live near this offender, several went to the local authorities to report it. Once the police answered the call from the neighbors, upon entering David’s house they found little Lou tied to a fence and in a state of severe malnutrition.

The authorities and neighbors managed to communicate with a foundation in charge of protecting animals that have suffered abuse by people. Fortunately they managed to do several medical exams where it was shown that indeed this poor animal had been suffering abuse from its owner for months.

They even reported that Lou had suffered several lacerations to his tongue and had a staph infection. After performing an abdominal X-ray, the specialists found several small rocks in Lou’s stomach, this confirms that the dog ate stones to avoid starving since its owner denied it access to food and water for several months.

Despite all the efforts made by the animal protection foundation and the residents of the area, Lou the puppy died a week after being rescued; being a tragedy for the entire community.

After an exhaustive search, authorities finally found the whereabouts of Lou’s owner; David Neanover is immediately arrested. Subsequently, David was presented in court; but unfortunately a judge opposed sentencing him for committing the crime of animal cruelty.

David’s lawyer argued that the dog died due to “a congenital disease” and that therefore his client was not at fault. Without a doubt, this made the residents of the area very angry; who organized to protest, demanding that this offender be duly punished.

However, after a few months the judge changed his mind due to several pieces of evidence presented by the neighbors against David; he is sentenced to 3 months in jail for abusing Lou; since he practically forced him to eat stones to survive from starvation.

Respect for life is a duty of all human beings; We are sure that you are one of those who are sensitive to such abuses, which is why we need to share this information on our social networks, so that it is known what happens to those who harm a life.

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