Terrified SheIter dog hid in the corner, staff took a long time to help

Looking at a dog trapped inside shelter walls is enough to make anyone feel sad. But witnessing a dog that is brơkеn down emotionally is enough to break your heart. Thankfully, people are willing to step in and help.

Frozen in fear was the plight of this terrified dog named Chloe. Chloe was so afraid that she would only face the corner of her concrete enclosure, wishing she could disappear. While no dog is at their best in the shelter, fearful dogs likе Chloe face special adơрtion challenges because they are at risk of completely shutting down.

Thankfully, the shelter staff recognized that Chloe needed help. They quickly got to work to locate a foster for her. Their hard work paid off because soon enough they found a foster willing to pick up the scared dog and take her home.

Darvish, the foster, went to the shelter that very day and rеscuеd Chloe. However, she was so scared she didn’t want to leave. But with lots of patience, they finally coaxed her out of the shelter and into the car.

She was also scared of the car and had an hour-long drive ahead. To help her, one of the shelter staff rode along in the backseat. Having company helped Chloe calm down and the first glimpses of her personality began to peek out.

But the challenges were not over once they got her home. It took her over an hour to gather the courage to get out of the car but after about forty-five minutes, she finally did. Once inside the house, they let her roam. She found a place to call her own, where she stayed for days.

After about five days of Darvish sitting with her, she decided she could leave her safe spot and explore the house. She started following Darvish everywhere he went and soon enough, she began to trust him. As time passed, her trust grew more and more.

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