Sumatran rhino manages to have a baby after 8 miscarriages

This is great news and it looks so adorable ‚̧ūüôŹ

Unfortunately, driving a species to extinction seems like an easier job than saving it from it. And it is that animals must be protected at all costs, and this sometimes drastically changes their way of life. Although it may seem silly, for them, relating in captivity is not the same. They have ancestral and instinctive customs that fail to follow them, they get frustrated. One species that has been through all this is the Sumatran rhinoceros. Who, with only 80 of their species left today, have taken them since 2004 to sanctuaries where they are protected.

One of these is the rhinoceros named Rosa. Which was captured in the wild and since its captivity, has had encounters that go beyond friendship with the Andatu male. Since then, she has had about 8 pregnancies, but none had been successful, until this last one. Turns out she had one last pregnancy and the vet team did everything they could to take care of her and her baby. Efforts that paid off, because on March 24 he had a very healthy female.

The rhino conservation team called Save the Rhino International announced the good news on Facebook, accompanied by such adorable images of the mother-daughter relationship. This is not just an achievement for the endearing Rosa, who finally has a baby to take care of.

But also for her entire species, which is in danger of extinction. Since they were put in captivity in 2004, Rosa’s daughter became the rhinoceros sect to be born under these conditions. Very few pups in 18 years. “Exciting news alert. A Sumatran rhino has been born at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Way Kambas National Park, Indonesia, and we couldn’t be happier. With fewer than 80 remaining, this adorable little rhino offers a glimmer of hope for the future of the species.

Congratulations to the Government of Indonesia, YABI, the International Rhino Foundation, and all Sumatran Rhino Rescue partners. And of course, to the many organizations and members of the public who continue to support efforts to save Sumatran rhinos,” Save the Rhino International said on Facebook.

So far, the calf has no name and is kept under constant observation. In addition to the relationship he has with her mother so that she grows up healthy. This species has been persecuted mainly for the extraction of its horn, which for years has been decreasing its population. Let’s hope this baby grows up and continues to be born from this species of rhinos. So that they get out of danger and continue to amaze the world with their beauty and majesty.

Share with her friends and family this great news that the Sumatran rhinos bring. For people to see the importance of a birth when there are so few left of their kind, and to help in any way.

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