Rescued puppy won’t stop giving his paw to his grateful new dad

What an adorable moment 🤗

Sam Clarence decided a couple of years ago to adopt an adorable dog from Bull Breed Rescue, located in Christchurch, New Zealand. Since that moment, the man has been able to see how the dog that was homeless went from being very nervous to becoming a very dangerous and affectionate dog.

If the dog named Stanley has made one thing clear, it’s that he loves being with his father and refuses to let go of his hand.

Regardless of the activity they are doing, and although the timing is often not convenient, Stanley decides to offer his new dad his paw. “We have to be touching each other at all times. He’s very blunt about it,” Sam said.

This beautiful relationship began when Sam volunteered to walk the dogs at the city’s animal shelter. At that time, members of the shelter came across two 6-month-old puppies who were living in an abandoned property with their mother.

At the shelter they thought that Sam would be the perfect candidate to take care of one of the newly rescued puppies for a few weeks. San didn’t hesitate to accept the offer, but as soon as he saw Stanley’s photograph he knew it would be a process with another ending.

Apparently, the man felt a strong attraction to the dog, as if it were love at first sight, so he decided to offer him a forever home. “He was terrified when we got home, it took him an hour to slowly get out of the car. Once he got out I gave him a big bath, some food and a comfortable bed in front of the fire,” the man added.

Little by little Stanley was adjusting to his new home, but in the meantime he seemed to establish a pretty strong bond with his new father. Since he arrived, he wanted to sleep in the bed next to him, but the most curious thing is that he always wanted to touch him to calm down.

“He would lie behind me and always have at least one paw touching my back. If I moved, he moved”, he commented, It’s been more than two years now, and although Stanley is wiser, he has never lost the need to be with his favorite human.

Even when they go on different road trips, the adorable dog insists on touching his hand. “If I’m driving, we have to stay in touch or he’s going to make me do it. If we are watching television, the same. I’m going to have legs flying towards me until I touch it.

It’s just his quirk. If I’m not around, he’ll do it to my housemate too,” he continued. Without a doubt, Stanley loves his father and seems to be very grateful to him. So he wants to show it to her at all times.

Now they both enjoy living their new adventures outdoors, when they travel to different parts of New Zealand and they are extremely happy. If by chance in the middle of the trip he crosses a beach, a river or a lake, Stanley does not hesitate to jump out of the car and get into the water. “He lives to please, so he just goes with the flow. He is very happy and laughs for a minute.

I had never met a dog with such a big personality,” he stressed. It’s clear that Sam couldn’t find a better traveling companion.

He shared with his friends and family this story that shows how strong a bond dogs can have with their owners.

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