Puppy was injured in the freezing snow, with a rope tied around his neck

The saying “being in the right place at the right time” couldn’t be more fitting for this puppy, who was discovered by a passerby just in the nick of time.

As a woman was walking in the snow, she suddenly heard the heart-wrenching cries of a puppy. She followed the sound and found a wounded brown puppy lying on the snow and ice, next to the side of the road.

The freezing puppy was terrified and screaming in fear due to a large, infected wound on its side. The woman knew she had to help the dog, so she spoke calmly to it until she was able to put a leash around its neck.

After managing to secure the terrified puppy, the woman enticed it towards her car with promises of help and warmth. Once in the car, the dog began to realize that it was safe and even began to wag its tail. The woman then hurriedly drove the puppy to a veterinary hospital for immediate medical attention.

Upon examination, the vet deduced that the terrible wound was most likely caused by an embedded harness. Fortunately, the vet was able to treat the wound, and the puppy survived the infection and near-freezing experience.

Based on their assessment, the puppy was estimated to be around seven months old and will be placed in the perfect home once it has fully recovered. The little pup is fortunate to be alive, and it was all thanks to its rescuer being in the right place at the right time.

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