Orphaned gorillas developed a very special bond with the park rangers who raised them

Orphaned gorillas see their keepers as their parents 🥹

Orphaned gorillas often develop special bonds with their keepers. This was the case with two young gorillas from the Virunga National Park in the Congo. There they received the best care from their keeper, whom these animals saw as their father. Read on for all the details of the story.

Mathieu Shamavu is the name of one of the park rangers who cares for the young gorillas. He takes care of these animals with care and enjoys his work. What is evident when seeing the treatment that he gives to all the animals. As well as, it is evident that these gorillas fully trust him.

The work behind a selfie

The gorillas are called Ndeze and Ndakazi, both of whom are orphans. They are also lucky to receive the best care from their caregivers. They have been given all the attention and care they deserve. The love between the two became evident in the photographs that went viral on different social networks.

The absence of his parents is rewarded with the care of Mathieu and other park rangers. Both Ndeze and Ndakazi grew to love their caretaker. Mathieu stated that when he is around them everything feels very good. He has published several photos together with the gorillas.

Although they are all very good, one of them is special. In it you can see the gorillas looking at the camera. They did it automatically when they saw that Mathieu was taking a selfie. This photo quickly went viral. Many people can’t believe it’s real.

However, it is completely true and shows the relationship they enjoy. It is not a photo edited with Photoshop, that is his personality, they are 100% real. Because of this, the Park had to clarify that this is how gorillas behave.

. The fact that gorillas are standing shows how they imitate humans. They can take that position for any period of time. In fact, the deputy director of the park, Innocent Mburanumwe, said that it was because they had been raised by humans.

Beyond a selfie, park rangers save the lives of these animals. They protect them from poachers in the area. As well as they protect them from conflicts between rebels in the region. In fact, last year 5 rangers died protecting these animals.

And since 1996, around 130 park rangers have died. This was indicated by some BBC reports. This species of gorillas is in danger of extinction, which is why park rangers risk their lives to protect them.

Sometimes these orphaned gorillas even receive a family that loves and cares for them. Share this extraordinary work carried out by park rangers. They deserve all the recognition

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