Miraculous healing of a one-eyed dog because of abuse

Sweetie you are a beautiful baby loved by many.♥️

There are some [cr.uel] people in this world. It takes a sorry low life person to do this to a po.or dog or any animal. A recent story about a dog that was so [mi.stre.ated] that he only had one eye left [inf.uriated] millions of animal lovers around the world.

It was a bull terrier named Bubbles. She was [sh.o.t] by her [cr.uel] old owner and [a.bu.sed] to the point of [lo.sing] an eye and part of her jaw. The old owner started treating her [ca.llously] when she was only 6 months old. Bubbles was [br.utally be.aten] for a long time. It was only when she suffered the greatest [tr.agedy] of her life – being [sh.o.t] that she was discovered and rescued by a Houston, Texas dog shelter.

Bubbles came to the shelter with a great [de.al] of mental] and physical pa.in. No one can imagine the [de.spic.able and he.artless] actions someone has done to this innocent dog. After being examined, unfortunately, the [bu.llet] caused her to [lo.se] her right eye, and part of her jaw and [da.mage] her ear. She needs a very long time to recover.

Kind people helped Bubbles gradually recover from physical and [me.ntal pa.in]. The kind care and efforts of honest people like Ike Blanchard and Kilyn Horton Blanchard – volunteers, helped make Bubbles healthy. She regains her positive energy and is happy to play with her new friends.

Initially, the couple Ike and Kilyn intended to save the dog out of pity for what she went through. But Bubbles conquered them with her desire to live, making the couple unable to make the decision to adopt her. Currently, Bubbles is completely healthy and satisfied with her life.

We need educate the community about animal love, especially children. For the unlucky animals, let’s give our love to heal their [wo.un.ds] and give them a happier new life.

Such a sweetheart anyone who a.buses any animals are not worthy to be able to have any animals or love but God will take care of them thank you for the person that is taking care of her!

So glad you have found a happy home. God bless this beautiful doggy

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