Meet Cooper – Special dog with rare deformity and his life full of love

He is still a dog so he deserves a loving home 🏡❤️

Life is not kind to a dog named Cooper, who has a rare [de.for.mity] and encounters many difficulties every day. But he did not give up because of this. His [st.ruggle] is an inspirational story for so many people.

Cooper was born on a puppy farm and had to live a very difficult life. Rescuers found Cooper in 2017, they didn’t even believe such a dog could have survived. Cooper is an American foxhound, he has a rare [genetic di.sease] (only 30 dogs in the world have been recorded with this [di.sease]). His i.lln.ess is predicted to be caused by inbreeding, which is unacceptable in dog houses.

When you look at Cooper, you will find it extremely bizarre. His spine is short and conjoined so it looks like he has no neck and lacks the middle of the spine. This makes it very difficult for Cooper to move. His excretory system was also unable to function properly.

Cooper’s survival is a miracle, but he will [d.i.e] in a short time if not treated and cared for properly. He was placed in a shelter in Secondhand Hounds. Several families adopted him, but they could not accept his difference. Fortunately, Cooper finally found a loving family – Elly Keagan’s family.

With the help of Secondhand Hounds, she immediately brought Cooper for treatment, he suffered a [se.vere in.fect.ion] and [] a bone. But the miracle happened, Cooper survived and is healthy although through the surgery his butt looks funny because it is always facing up, the good news is that his excretory system is better.

Now, Cooper is leading a happy life, he often gives his owner sweet kisses. Cooper is friendly to everyone and has become a social media idol. Cooper’s life is special in its way, but he’s still lucky to have met a loving family. Thousands of other disabled dogs are [] day by day, so it’s our duty to love them no matter how different they are.

You are an amazing human being with a beautiful soul, just like this little baby!!! We need more humans like you!! Thank you for all you do!!! Lovely story and all the very best to Cooper and his loving family 👍🌹😊

Bless his heart but a happy dog with loving humans 🙏🙏🙏

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