Man put his dog on his back so other dogs wouldn’t attack him

We would do exactly the same 🧐

Those who have pets at home know that sometimes going for a walk is difficult if there are dogs on the street. Not because they bother you, but because they come together in large groups and want to attack them. As handlers, we must do everything possible to avoid this type of fight without hurting the other dogs.

They have to have a very hard time not having a home and they all take care of each other. Well, to avoid this situation, a man who was born in Peru decided to ride his dog on his shoulders. As if it were a lamb, while he was passing through a street where there were many dogs.

In the video shared through the TikTok social network by the user @lathali24, some dogs can be seen barking and trying to reach him. But they don’t get it. Although insistent, the owner is forced to turn around on occasion to scare them, because one wanted to jump.

Apparently this is something very common on that street. And who recorded the video is related to the person who carried the pet. Since she laughs throughout the recording. “When the neighborhood piranha bother your baby,” she wrote in the description of the video that went viral and received thousands of comments.

Among those that stood out the most was that the dog looked very large, capable of defending itself. However, it was in his owner’s tale that protected him. “The puppy: ‘what a shame'”, wrote a user thinking that the animal could not be very comfortable while being loaded. Another replied: “The other puppies: ‘Put the lady on a skirt'”, assuring that everyone imagined them cowardly. The truth is that when so many dogs are united and willing to fight.

Even if it is the one with the largest owner, the ideal is to avoid any type of confrontation. It is clear that in these fights there are no cattle, everyone would get hurt and the only reason is instinct. Something that with his strength, this gentleman avoided as much as possible.

Hopefully in time they will all become friends. But we thank the person who recorded the video for this funny moment between a dog and his owner. Willing to do anything so that his pet does not get into any fight.

Below you can see the video where this man is seen carrying his dog on his shoulders to avoid a fight:

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