Man goes out to clean the streets with his puppy to keep him company

The best company one can have nowadays ūü§ó

We know that dogs are faithful, I think that people who have had one know what I’m talking about. However, there are some who stand out with their actions and are the ones who manage to become trends in social networks.

If we don’t see this puppy from Argentina, who accompanies his owner every day to work cleaning the streets of the city. All in order to be as much as possible by his side.

According to a user on social networks, every day the worker wakes up early to carry out his activities and puts on his suit so that the neighbors can identify him without problems. But the neighbors, more than identifying him by his uniform, do so by his pretty little dog.

Through the images taken by a neighbor, you can see how the man cleans the sidewalk as usual, and next to him is his dog jumping and fluttering his work.

In fact, during the images the dog tries to get his attention even more, throwing himself on the ground with his belly up to be caressed seconds later by his owner. “Applause for people with a heart as beautiful as that of this man who, in the midst of his work, has the attitude and the heart to play and caress his best and faithful friend,” he wrote in the description after sharing the beautiful moment, which was not It didn’t take long for it to become a trend on social media.

Although the puppy is a distraction for this worker, the truth is that the joy and fidelity that he shows by accompanying him every day is something that not even the worker himself knows that he has.

He shares with his friends and family this beautiful story of teamwork and company.

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