Little dog slipped into the train line and stole a girl’s seat

I would even let him steal my heart with that little face 🥹

When traveling on public transport you can find different situations. Some more fun than others. Normally using this type of service to get around may not be the most pleasant and there is always the possibility of unpleasant experiences. But you can also witness good times.

When Alicia went to get on the train in the province of Buenos Aires, in Argentina, to go to her work, she found an adorable scene. Upon entering the car, she could not take the seat that was hers because there was an intruder who quickly got into it.

It was about a stray dog who got on the train and decided to curl up on the seat. While she had to take another seat. However, she did not miss the opportunity to take a picture of the puppy and share it on her Twitter social network account. «Today I am waiting for the train, half annoyed because it was late and I was going to be late.

Finally he arrives, opens the door, I’m in the proper line and a fan sneaks in and takes the seat I was going to sit on. He deserved an escrache (complaint)”, wrote the young woman jokingly, next to the photo of the puppy that stole her seat. “He made my day. He was on the platform, fast asleep, suddenly the train came, he got up, entered and settled in my seat. But hey, with that little face, I forgave him,” she added.

According to Alicia, she could not take care of the dog because she had many things to do during the day and she did not give him time to stay there to help him. However, she left the location of the station where she got on so that others could help her. «Whoever wants or can find a family or contact protectors, do it. Let’s take advantage of the visualization. He was in Sarmiento, he went up in Castelar punctually. Maybe they see it.

Not all of us can adopt every animal we see or miss work to stay and look for a family. Unfortunately it is so. They also don’t know what we humans are dealing with. So always be kind,” added the young woman. Referring to comments that accused her of not having done anything for the puppy.

She shares with her friends and family this tender story of a very adorable seat stealer. And so that people become aware that not everyone can stop their lives to dedicate themselves to saving animals. Help is always welcome as long as you can and want to do it.

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