German Shepherd dog missing for more than 4 years has been reunited with family

There is nothing better than the moment you are reunited with your beloved dog ❤

After a four-year wait, a family in Baytown, Texas has finally been emotionally reunited with their beloved German Shepherd dog, Sheba, who was stolen earlier. It was a heartwarming moment for the family.

Stephanie Moore Malmstrom, Sheba’s owner, shared with Daily Paws, “It’s like she never left. We feel so lucky and happy to have Sheba back.”

In January 2018, Sheba disappeared suddenly while the family was visiting a neighbor. After searching for hours and reviewing security footage, the family discovered that Sheba had been stolen. Despite reporting the theft to the microchip business and continuing their search, they eventually lost hope of ever seeing Sheba again.

In August of this year, Moore Malmstrom was shocked to receive a missed call and two messages saying that Sheba had been identified and found.

When Stephanie Moore Malmstrom received a missed call and two messages saying that her stolen dog had been found 600 miles away in a place called Borger, she initially thought it was a scam. But upon dialing the number, she was told by animal control officer Jerry Harper that he had indeed found her missing pet.

Despite her excitement, Moore Malmstrom remained skeptical and asked for pictures of Sheba to confirm her identity. It wasn’t until a FaceTime call the next day, where they identified an identification tattoo on Sheba, that Moore Malmstrom and her husband were convinced it was truly their beloved dog.

However, because Sheba was a 12-hour drive away, the family had to wait another week for a volunteer organization to transport her home.

Moore Malmstrom shared, “It was the longest seven days of my life.” ❤️❤️❤️

Stephanie Moore Malmstrom was worried that her dog, Sheba, may not remember her after being apart for four years, but as soon as Sheba stepped off the plane and smelled her family, she immediately recognized them.

Moore Malmstrom expressed, “Excitement is an understatement. Our family has been missing a furry member for four and a half years, and now we are whole again.”

Despite the family growing to include a rescue bull named Poppy and a child named Mason since Sheba went missing, the dog quickly adapted. While Sheba may move a bit slower these days, she still enjoys spending time with her family, playing outside, and sharing cheese bars with Mason, her new favorite boy.

Moore Malmstrom describes Sheba as “amazing – a once-in-a-lifetime dog” and feels incredibly lucky to have her back. She also encourages others to microchip their pets and not to lose hope if they are lost or stolen because happy endings are possible.

Watch the video of the reunion here

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