Dog Walks 4 miles into Town Everday just to say Hi to Everyone!

He is not just a man’s best friend, but everyone’s best friend! ❤️

Bruno was an extraordinary dog who cherished his freedom and the people of the small town that showed him love. For the past 12 years, he had made a habit of walking four miles into town almost every day just to greet the locals and spread joy.

Dubbed “The Wandering Dog,” Bruno had been traveling into Longville, Minnesota since he was very young. Larry LaVelle rescued him from the streets 12 years ago, after a passer-by mistook him for Larry’s dog, and decided to keep him.

However, Bruno was not easily domesticated, and he loved going on adventures. Larry had to get used to receiving calls from people who had found his dog, only to tell them that Bruno was a wanderer.

Unlike most dogs, Bruno had the ability to embark on long journeys all by himself. He had a few favorite spots in town, including the ice-cream shop, city hall, library, and several grocery stores and office blocks where he would often be rewarded with meat scraps.

The locals loved Bruno so much that they named him the town’s dog and even crafted a wooden statue in his honor!

This just goes to show how much dogs treasure receiving love and affection. One could not ask for a better friend. ❤️❤️❤️

Bruno was an extraordinary dog who touched the lives of many. He will always be remembered and cherished. ❤️😀

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