Dog chased a bus because he wanted the driver to adopt him

It had an ending that many would expect ❤

Sometimes fate has surprises prepared for everyone and that is that on our way, without expecting anything, a little angel appears in the body of an animal that needs our help and… How are we going to resist the temptation to help them and even give them a new life? home?

Many times it has been said that animals have chosen their owners and not the other way around. This is precisely because they cross our path and we end up surrendering to them. It may seem like a mere coincidence, but is it really or do animals seek us out to adopt them? It is more than clear, and there are studies that support it, that animals have feelings and think. In fact, they are much smarter than many people think.

We all know that there are animals that are born on the street, or that are abandoned, and are deprived of the true affection and warmth of a home.

Some of these stray animals, such as dogs, are much more sociable and try to maintain contact with humans. They do everything possible to find a way to get out of that situation and when that is possible they thank anyone who has helped them. Well, after all, living on the street is very complicated and hard since they are unprotected from the cold, the heat, the rain, the snow and even their basic needs are sometimes not covered as well as necessary.

Our protagonist today, for example, has witnessed how a dog chose him precisely to be its owner. It all started in the Philippines, specifically in Quezon City. Jaypee Barcelinia witnessed what he would never have imagined and that is that that same day she was going to share his seat with a very peculiar traveler, in addition to the fact that this seatmate was going to be adopted by the driver of the public vehicle where he was traveling.

The story begins when the puppy was sitting right at the bus stop, it seemed that he was waiting for him like any other person waits at the stop for the urban transport to arrive. When the bus arrived, the puppy tried to get on but the driver stopped him.

The driver thought that this would put an end to the dog’s insistence, but to the surprise of all the passengers and the bus driver, the puppy did not give up and when they reached the next stop, the dog tried to get back into the vehicle.

Jaypee, who witnessed everything that happened that day, couldn’t believe that this canine had made it to the next stop by running at full speed just to get on the bus. He traveled a long way because stop after stop the driver denied him entry but the puppy returned to the next stop to let him get on.

According to the witness, this little fluffy tried no more and no less than six times to get on the bus but none of those times was successful.

In the recorded images you can perfectly see how the dog, every time the bus slowed down, tried to climb the stairs of public transport but his technique was useless at the moment the driver of this vehicle accelerated to continue with your journey.

Apparently at one point the bus driver was reluctant because he thought that this poor stray dog could attack a passenger since it is very rare for a canine to chase a public vehicle.

The passengers and the driver did not believe it, the dog did not seem to want to give up because despite the fact that he showed clear signs of fatigue, he put all his efforts to try to reach the vehicle and get on it. In the end, the driver opened his eyes to reality and his heart softened little by little. So he decided to stop the bus and allow the little canine to get on.

Finally, this adorable tired and exhausted canine got on the bus and rested inside the vehicle. When the journey was over, this little boy refused to get off and in the end the driver fell madly in love with the puppy and ended up adopting it. Currently the driver takes care of the small canine and the dog takes care of the driver.

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