Abused Pitbull found eating garbage in cemetery adopted by Dave Bautista

A 3-month-old pit bull puppy who had a poor start to life will never want for anything after being adopted by actor Dave Bautista. The former wrestler, who has a soft spot for pit bulls, phoned the shelter to offer assistance as soon as he learned about Sage’s situation.

Sage was discovered eating trash in a nearby cemetery by a Good Samaritan, who then brought her to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay (HSTB). When the cute puppy approached the woman, she realized she was wearing a metal chain around her neck. She took the puppy urgently to the HSTB for assistance.

Sage was inspected by the medical staff while waggling her tail the entire time, and she was made ready for surgery to have the chain around her neck removed. We also observed that Sage has enlarged nails and skin problems in addition to the chain. Who would do this to her, we’re at a loss for words,” the shelter reported.

David Bautista was one of the many people who offered to foster or expressed interest in adopting the adorable child once she healed.

David swore he would personally give $5,000 cash to the person who provided information that resulted in an arrest and conviction because he was furious that someone could abuse the helpless puppy. His reward is in addition to the $5,000 offered by Alvarez Injury Law and the $1,500 granted by HSTB to discover the cruel person.

Despite having a strong exterior, David melted as he saw the puppy racing in his direction. He grinned broadly and chuckled as the Sage approached him.

They became great buddies right away as he gently patted the dog’s head. But Dave isn’t the only one who is delighted with his newest family member.

When Sage is in her new dad’s arms, she radiates delight. Sage had been adopted, and the shelter announced the wonderful news to their supporters on Facebook.

“When Dave heard Sage’s tale, he understood that she belonged with him! We are ecstatic for Sage!

Dave has given the young puppy a new name: Penny, and she will join his other two rescue pit bulls. She’s about to experience her finest puppy life ever, he said as he held his new pet in a video he posted on Instagram introducing Penny to his fans.

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