A lonely elderly man stays after his 16-year-old dog says goodbye for the last time

Losing a faithful companion is never easy 😢

We love our faithful companions so much, that when they take their last breath… We are left devastated like this poor old man. Any animal lover knows perfectly well that, in the vast majority of cases, people are capable of creating a very special and strong bond of love with our animals. We love that animal so much that on many occasions, our pet can even be more loved than some people around us.

This happens with all animals since they have something very special that makes us not to love them and make them a member of our family. But the truth, and to be honest, is that it is much easier to create this bond with dogs since they are capable of giving a lot without asking for anything in return, they give their care and love without thinking about anything other than making their loved ones happy. his human.

Something that our protagonist was clear about was the love that he and his dog had for each other. The story of this man, named Ken, and his dog Zack has broken the hearts of thousands of people.

Zack and his owner Ken lived in Hemet, California, in a community of motorhomes and mobile homes. This man had a quiet life accompanied by his 16-year-old dog and they both lived very happily where he was. However, one day one of her neighbors went to visit this very special couple and after knocking on the door several times and getting no response, she knew something was wrong.

So this woman, trying as hard as possible, managed to get into Ken’s house and discovered that Zack was in very bad shape and his human was by his side crying inconsolably because his old dog needed urgent help from a vet and he had no enough money to pay for veterinary care.

It was at that moment that this man’s neighbor came up with the idea of uploading a post to social networks urgently asking for help to save Zack.

An hour after our protagonist’s neighbor uploaded the post, Elaine Seamans, a member of the AT-CHOO association for abandoned dogs, contacted her. That was how Zack was urgently taken to the vet but despite his efforts it was too late for the poor animal as the dog was very sick and was not going to survive any longer.

The news that his partner had said goodbye to Ken was so painful for him that he couldn’t stop crying and even cried so much that he couldn’t stand up. In the end, his neighbor decided to take a photo of the moment and this image has broken the hearts of thousands of people.

The worst thing about this whole story is not only that poor Zack died but that Ken shortly after suffered a heart attack from which he did not survive.

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