Woman Breaks The Law To Save Her Dog From Animal Shelter

She took matters into her own hands…!

Most families around the world have a four-legged member to bring happiness and protection to their home or to help with farm work, such as protecting sheep. However, it is important to remember that the dog’s ancestor is the wolf, which is why they can be dangerous at times. Pit Bulls, in particular, are infamous for being one of the most ferocious dogs in the world.

Toya Stewart’s Pit Bull, Hazel, is a prime example. According to reports, Hazel had some issues with strangers but was always loyal to her family and close relationships. After some incidents, the city authorities decided to euthanize Hazel without any training opportunity from Stewart. However, Stewart could not accept this judgment and decided to handle it herself.

After facing hundreds of difficulties in Stewart’s life, Hazel was used to her motivation and helped her overcome all the problems, including homelessness and toxic relationships. There was no doubt that Stewart tried to make sure that Hazel had a comfortable life. Unfortunately, one day she bit a mailman, and due to her previous problems with strangers, Hazel was considered a danger to Oklahoma City. They decided to euthanize her, even though training could have been a better solution.

Stewart denied that the dog [bi.t] the mailman on purpose and tried her best to save Hazel. She used a drone to look up Hazel at the animal shelter and free her. Stewart did not mean to break the law but she loved her dog so much that she could not let her go easily. Despite all the efforts, the police found her location and brought Hazel back to the shelter once again. Stewart was [br.ou.ght to j.a.il] for her [i.lle.gal] activities.

After all, the authority still [eut.hanized] Hazel to protect the citizen. Stewart was he.artbr.oken when she had known that she could not receive Hazel’s body after the judgment. Hazel’s [de.ath] is a [s.ho.c.k] of her life and maybe she will never forget it as a [ter.rib.le] nightmare. Undoubtedly, people who have a kind heart in this similar situation will behave like that.

You are a God sent angel!!

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