‘UGLY’ Orlando shelter dog that went viral gets adopted, has surgery on eyes – See how she looks now…!

So happy she found her furever home! ❤🏡

An Orlando shelter dog who went viral last year after a he.artbre.aking fb post described the [cr.uel] words she heard from visitors is now living her best life!

Dutchess was surrendered to Orange County Animal Services around the holidays due to a landlord issue. The owner told the shelter that she was born with slight [def.orm.ities] under both her eyes. The shelter said Dutchess was pretty much the perfect dog: sweet, energetic, and intelligent. Unfortunately, potential adopters couldn’t see past her cosmetic imperfection.

Orange County Animal Services posted her photos on fb, hoping to get Dutchess seen. This FAMOUS sweet girl that no one wanted, and then everyone wanted, found her PERFECT FOREVER HOME!

Dutchess – now named Lena – also had surgery to [re.mo.ve] the gro.wths under her eyes, which were in her sight line and causing her discomfort.

Her new family says Lena is doing great and is the sweetest dog they have ever met. So thankful that she found a forever home!!! Enjoy your new life sweetie!

You are definitely a special dog and you certainly do deserve your new & forever family. ❤️🐾✨️

God bless you and the person that adopted you 🙏🙏🙏

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