The frightened German Shepherd screamed in pain, his head got stuck in a concrete wall

A German shepherd pup learned a hard lesson Monday about sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

Califσrnia animal rescuers have been called to the rescue after an eight-month-old German Shepherd mysteriously got its head stuck in a wall.

The startled dog Rebel was found crying, his head protruding from one side of an 18-inch thick wall.

According to KTLA, a friend of the dog’s owner discovered Rebel in distress Monday morning and called animal control officers for help.

“My initial reaction was, ‘Wow, how’d he get in there?, And why is there a hole that big in the wall?”

Huffman and another officer checked the Rebel’s breathing and determined that he was not in serious danger.

There was enough room between the wall and the dog’s head to manage a rescue without breaking the wall or risking injury to Rebel.

One officer worked the dog’s head from one side of the wall, while the other officer worked the dog’s body on the other side. After some careful nudging, Rebel was free.

“He let us know if we were pushing too hard – but he kept working right along with us,” Sgt. Huffman said. “He helped a lot. You could see his hind legs stiffen to assist in the direction we were going. He knew we were there to save him.”

The dog was released to the owner’s friend.

Animal control officers suggested the dog’s owner put some chicken wire around the hole in the wall to prevent a repeat.

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