The dogs owner didn’t want to spend money on her treatment, so he left her by the side of the road at night

The poor dog, named Daily, was spotted by the side of the road by a kind passerby who, in the middle of the night, called Animal Shelter to ask for help. A 3-month-old puppy was brought to the doctor every day by them.

Apparently giving up, her owner abandoned her at the side of the road, leaving her unable to walk. She was seen by the doctor, who also had her spine and rear legs X-rayed. In addition to having back injuries, Everyday had bone issues. She could perhaps have been unable to walk because of this.

That day, Daily visited a therapist who specialized in rehabilitation. Her recovery would take a very long period because she had several broken bones.

She was able to stand up without falling after a month, and she was able to walk correctly and without any problems. Even among her friends, she felt at ease playing.

There was no longer any back or joint pain, which was a wonderful recovery result. She has incredibly developed muscles. She will receive extra training to make sure she recovers fully. When she began the exercise including water walking, she was incredibly at ease.

With love, care, and courage, she was able to walk normally once more after receiving treatment for several months. The pup now exists as a contented, stunning adult female.

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