Lonely Puppy Makes Beeline For Student, Wanting To Go Home With Her

The teeny abandoned puppy ran over and pleaded for a home.

While studying abroad, Annie came across a tiny and helpless puppy. The puppy ran over to her, whimpering and wagging her little tail, in desperate need of help. However, before Annie could save her, she needed to make sure that the puppy’s mother wasn’t around.

Turks and Caicos is home to a large number of strays, and Annie’s heart went out to every animal that needed a home. Although she couldn’t save all of them, she could at least help this lonely pup that wasn’t even old enough to eat solid food. Annie managed to get her hands on a makeshift bottle, and the puppy eagerly drank, revealing that she hadn’t eaten in a while.

When Mama didn’t show up, and locals confirmed that the puppy had been on her own, Annie decided to take her home with her and named her Midge. However, there was only one problem: Annie had only a week left in her program, and then she had to return home. Leaving Midge behind was not an option for Annie.

A single phone call changed Midge’s fate, and what followed was incredible. We are grateful for animal lovers like Annie! To find out what happened next in Midge’s story.

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