Heartbroken owner finds out his dog visits his dad’s grave every morning

Initially, Ali was too caught up with his daily schedule to keep up with his dog’s movements for a few days. Ali wasn’t overly concerned as Cesur had a track record of returning without incident.

One morning, Ali found himself with some spare time and decided to follow Cesur as the dog dashed down a path he seemed to know well. As Ali gradually realized where they were headed, he couldn’t help but feel heartbroken.

Cesur guided Ali towards a burial ground, where they eventually came to a halt at the resting place of Ali’s late father. For a span of 24 months, a tiny dog stood by Mehmet Ilhan’s side as a loyal companion. Unfortunately, Cesur was inconsolable with sadness when Mehmet had to be hospitalized.

Ali shared with The Dodo that his father and Cesur had a unique bond due to his father’s paralysis. During his father’s final days in the hospital, Cesur stopped eating. Sadly, Mehmet passed away in January, and when his body was brought home, Cesur stayed close by and wouldn’t leave his side.

As soon as the coffin was lifted, Cesur took charge and guided the mourners through the funeral procession. Throughout the ceremony, Cesur remained by the coffin’s side, with a solemn expression and a bowed head, showing his deep grief and sorrow.

Ali recounted how his father’s loyal dog, Cesur, remained faithful to his dad until his passing. After the funeral, Ali noticed that Cesur was still grieving and would not leave his friend’s side. Even traveling through town to sit by his deceased friend’s grave, Cesur would visit first thing in the morning. Ali expressed uncertainty of how long Cesur would feel the need to grieve, but he made a vow to care for and stay with him.

According to Ali, Cesur has always been a majestic creature, and now he will be living with him. If you enjoyed reading this account, don’t hesitate to spread the word on Facebook. Much appreciated!

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