Dog abandoned by his family isolates himself sad and alone in a corner

The abandoned puppy felt very sad šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­

It is unfortunate to see how many pets that we have at home for a while are left to their own devices after we no longer want their company. Those who do this seem to forget that they have feelings. This is demonstrated by a dog that was abandoned in a shelter that felt so sad that he did not want to leave a corner. We want to tell you what happened to him.

Romeo is a cute puppy who was left in one of these dog shelters where there are many others who have lost the love of their masters. Seeing that he is such a sweet little animal, we do not find the reason why someone has made the cruel decision to abandon him. His reaction to this shows that he did not expect such a hard blow from his owners.

Going back in time, we can imagine our little friend spending many happy moments with his family. Playing with the children, taking walks through the streets, barking with excitement and even defending their loved ones from any danger. All of this made him feel purposeful in life and, like any dog, he swore allegiance to his family.

Unfortunately, some time later things would change and the joy that one day accompanied this dog would be ripped from his heart. The family to which he swore allegiance one day no longer wanted to know anything about him and gave him to a friend. Later he decided to leave the sad abandoned dog in a shelter where he remained isolated in a corner.

Arriving at the shelter, Romeo felt so devastated that he decided to throw himself into a corner and did not want to get up for two days. Because he was a pitbull mix, the chances of him being put down were very high. Our friend’s spirits continued to decline day by day.

The state of the dog was very evident, so the Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs organization intervened and knew that it had to be removed from the shelter immediately. So they began the search for a temporary home that would give him the love that he needed so much. Happily, they found the right family and now he has new owners who give him all their love.

He also has a dog sister named Porsche and she spends her days playing and having fun with all of his family. The Romeo who one day suffered the abandonment of his owners recovered his joy to never lose it again.

All dogs that are abandoned get sad when they feel that they are no longer wanted. We must remember that these little animals do have feelings and this type of treatment hurts them a lot. Don’t leave without sharing this story that will move your friends and family.

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