Chocolate Labrador Who’d Been Missing For 5-Years See Family Again

He’s been missing for 5 years but the moment he sees them for the first time will have you cheering!

Losing a pet can be an incredibly painful experience, but being reunited with them after a long time can bring immense joy. Recently, a family was reunited with their chocolate Lab after almost five years, and it was an incredibly emotional experience.

The Humane Society of the United States rescued 166 dogs and cats from an animal hoarding situation in Ohio and found Chuckie, a chocolate Lab who had been missing from his family for five years. Upon scanning the animals for microchips, they were able to reunite Chuckie with his family in Indiana.

There are few feelings worse than losing a beloved pet, which is why reuniting with them can be such an incredible experience. The video below shows the emotional reunion between Chuckie and his family, made possible by the Humane Society’s efforts to rescue and return lost pets to their families.

Click to watch this incredibly heartwarming video below!

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