A rescued 46-pound tumor with abandoned Golden Retriever is now able to walk again

He was carrying an extra 46 pounds around due to a tumor growing on his side!😢😢😢

The a.bando.nment wasn’t the [wo.rst] thing that happened to this dog; he also had a 46-pound tu.mor growing on his side that made him unable to walk. The tu.mor was so large that it pressed on his’s right front leg, he can’t walk around looking for food, and in just a few days, he’ll most likely di.e of hunger rather than illness.

Fortunately, the dog was discovered wandering on a beach in Newport, California by kind strangers. Many people are he.artbro.ken by the dog’s plight and have contacted Valerie Schomburg of Newport Beach Animal Control in the hope that he can be helped. Though rescuers are used to rescuing feral dogs in ba.d shape, they couldn’t imagine what this dog was going through.

Fortunately, after the story was shared, charities contributed to Henry’s sur.gery to [re.mo.ve the tu.mor], and even though the tu.mor was very seri.ous, it did not spread.

The su.rge.ry was a great success, and Henry was free of the most [ter.rib.le] burden of his life; he could finally walk with ease, and he began to smile and wag his tail, and he loved every person he meets, Henry will kiss anyone who approaches him. He was eventually adopted and went on to live a happy life, making up for a lo.st time.

After his story was discovered, Henry became a local celebrity, and he now has fans from all over the world. He had his happy days before [dy.ing] of old age, but he made the most of his time on Earth and, for the first time, felt love.

Although his de.ath is heartbreaking, some good has come from it. After doing more research, they were able to track down Henry’s previous owner. Her [cri.mi.nal ca.se] is still pending after she was [cha.rged] by the OC [District Attorney’s] Office.

All animals, regardless of appearance, deserve to be loved. One thing is certain: Henry will never a.ban.don his owner the way she did!

Happy that Henry lived his last days in loving care and tu.mor-free. Thank you for saving him.

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