A dog in misery lay in the middle of the road when a miracle happened to her!

What a touching sight! I’m glad that the precious pup was rescued!

This poor puppy was possibly abandoned by its owner and was found lying in the middle of the road in a critical condition. She was weak, on the verge of death, exhausted, hungry, and had scabies on her skin which caused her pain. She lay there hopeless, waiting for kind-hearted people to come to her rescue.

Fortunately, two women found her while driving and quickly took her to the veterinary hospital for treatment. After a period of treatment, the veterinarian predicted that she would recover completely in two weeks.

In the upcoming days, the adorable little puppy is improving and being able to eat more. She loves playing in the yard. Currently, she is in the clinic with other stray dogs who are lovely companions. In this place, the dogs will support each other in their journey towards recovery.

Every living being, including animals, deserves love, care, and affection. I hope she will find a forever home soon and receive all the love and cuddles she deserves. Puppies are meant to be treated with the utmost care.

May God bless and shower love on the person who rescued and showed love to the puppy. My prayers are with her for a speedy recovery and may she receive all the love, hugs, and happiness in her new forever home. Be happy, little one! ❤️🏡🙏🤗

Watch the video bellow:

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