Woman Nurses Newborn Puppy Back From The Brink Of Death After Cruel Human Dumps Him

When Magni was found, he was so young that he still had his umbilical cord attached to his tiny body.

Magni was found as a newborn with his umbilical cord still attached to his tiny body. He had been taken from his mother and cruelly abandoned in the cold, leaving him with slim chances of survival. But that didn’t stop his new mom Vanessa from falling in love with him and doing everything she could to keep him alive.

While she was scrolling Facebook, Vanessa first laid eyes on Magni’s beautiful face. A post made by a rescue explained that almost immediately after he was born, the tiny pup had been taken away from his mom and cast aside by a human.

As you can imagine, he was incredibly weak when he was found. He was in such rough shape that the odds were slim that he would even survive. At first, she struggled to get him to take a bottle. It took everything she had to keep it together and do her best not to think the worst. We all know what it means when a puppy stops eating.

But then, suddenly, he finally started taking the bottle. Vanessa fed him every two hours and had many sleepless nights, but Magni was gaining weight, which was most important to her.

“I’m just so grateful that we found each other in this lifetime,” she said.

Now, Magni is four-months-old and living his best life. He’s absolutely thriving and doing amazingly well with his training. His life started out scary and sad, but now he knows true love.

He’s such a snuggle bug and absolutely insists on having a minimum of his head on his mom at all times. He has no concept of his actual size and loves to squeeze his large body into her comfy lap.

“It’s easy to know love when he is with me,” Vanessa said.

While they don’t know his breed for certain, they guess he may be a mix of Cane Corso and Pointer. But regardless of his breed, Magni is 100% adorable and loved. Vanessa is grateful to have found him and to provide him with the love and care he deserves.

You can watch Magni’s heartwarming story in the video below and follow his journey on Instagram.

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