Veterinary Technician Urges Owners To Stay With Their Dog During Euthanasia

The dogs sense what’s going on… Be there when they cross that bridge.

Putting a dog down is a heartbreaking choice. They may be suffering from chronic medical problems, illnesses or injuries that make it nearly impossible for the animal to have a good quality of life.

No one deserves to suffer every day, and sometimes, safety is a compassionate choice.

Usually, though, someone will bring a dog in to be soothed, shed a lot of tears, say goodbye, and leave before the dog is put to sleep. Simply put, they drop their pet off at the vet to di.e and walk away – leaving the dog alone in its final moments.

One veterinarian, Reddit user u/Rescueemum, posted on Reddit begging pet owners to stay with their pets while they were bein euthanize because she witnessed the animals firsthand. Pets are heartbroken when their owners leave them alone.

In the post, she wrote, “I’m sick of people letting their dogs go to be e.ate.n. It can be hard to say goodbye but it’s hell for them. They didn’t like the vet, they were confused, they were scared, they were upset and they were looking for YOU as they took their last breath. “

She says she can do her best “to give them as much human love and comfort as possible”, but in the end, nothing can replace the love of their owners. , especially not a stranger.

Reddit users have gone on to share the heartbreaking story of a woman who left her dog to be ‘kil.led’. She wrote: “A woman put her 13-year-old dog to bed today after I told her we didn’t have a vet in the clinic because she was on the farm phoning all day. , she insisted on leaving it there at 9 a.m., knowing that our vet wouldn’t be back after 6 p.m.

She was too busy to bring the dog back afterwards, so she left her sweet girl alone all day before ‘di.ed'”.

Veterinarians kept the dog with her for the rest of the day and even took her for a little walk and bought her a cheeseburger and a donut for her last meal. her same.

She wrote in the post that she ended up lying on the ground and cuddling the dog, but the dog refused to be comforted by her, a stranger.

She said, “I kissed her and told her she was a good girl as she crossed the rainbow, but her eyes never stopped searching for her family.

Dogs know what’s going on, don’t do this to them. Be there when they cross that bridge. It won’t kill you, I promise. “

It’s a heartbreaking story but a good reminder to stay by your pet’s side when possible, until the last minute.

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