Two Stray Mother Dogs Found Raising Puppies Together Are Freed From Danger In The Alley

A Good Samaritan Found 2 Female Dogs And Their Litters In An Alleyway In Los Angeles, California.💖

Huddled together on the ground were two skinny mother dogs — and they were tightly cuddling and nursing their nine babies.

The two mama dogs had 9 puppies, 7 girls and 2 boys named Luise and Thelma.

Rescuers from NDP headed down to Los Angeles to pick up the two families. They were amazed to see how bonded the two mothers were!

It’s The First Time I’ve Ever Seen Something Like This.💖

No one knew they were living together before being abandoned or not, but both of them tried to keep their babies safe as much as they could. When the Good Samaritan found them, they were starving.

No matter how the moms found each other, they’re now inseparable, and have taken on caring for their nine puppies together as a team.

They’re all settling in nicely at the rescue and seem so thankful for the comfortable beds and blankets.

The puppies are started to get bigger, and their personalities are beginning to shine through. There are seven girls and two boys, and all nine puppies love hanging out together!

Once the puppies are about eight weeks old, the rescue will beginning look for forever homes for them.

Thelma and Lousie must have given birth to their pups around the same time, and developed a supportive friendship as they fought to survive in the alley where they were found..

For now, the rescue team is overjoyed to be surrounded by so many little wagging tails and puppy kisses.

Many people have said they would adopt both moms—nobody wants to separate this bonded pair!

What a sweet family. God bless them!🙏💖

Watch the adorable video about Thelma, Louise, and their nine puppies below.💖

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