Toad The Dog Is Fighting Off Five Rattlesnake Bites

Your dog could be in trouble with a rattlesnake 😒

A dog named Toad was running around near his home in Kuna, Idaho when he came across a rattlesnake there.

The rattlesnake grabbed Toad and bit the poor dog five times.

As I approached Toad, I saw a snake spinning in the air and I was holding the snake and then I realized there were a lot of snakes,” his owner, Fritz Brownell, told KTVB.

Toad’s owner rushed him to the vet, but unfortunately the ‘’ worked and he started bleeding from his lips and gums.

Veterinarians quickly examined Toad and found that he had been bitten on both sides of his face, as well as several bites on his left front leg. The area around the bite immediately swelled, but the vets gave him a dose of ‘’ against the ‘’.

His owner feared that Toad wouldn’t make it, but luckily he made it through.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

As Toad continued his treatment, Toad’s owner took to social media to warn other pet owners to watch out for rattlesnakes around their home.

Please pay more attention and attention to your dog, to protect and avoid any danger to your dog.❀️

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